Simple French toast recipe

Simple French toast recipe

Simple French toast recipe

As a food, French toast is easy to prepare. That is why people like to cook this simple French toast. As a recipe, there are strong materials in this toast. I followed many French recipes, but I never ask about the experience of one of French toast recipe.


As my view, you should get this savor. I would like to share my taste with you because there are many absorb information in your daily foods habits.

Sustenance is imperative for our human body, but we could not increase our nutritious more than the middle level and same as the opposite side also. It could not be less than the intermediate level. So food patterns will measure people’s attitudes.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner these are the general essential meal for one day process. But if I point for some special meals are the breakfast and lunch. We can eat anything for our lunch foods because that time will burn our extra calories automatically.


But the breakfast is not same the lunch time meal. At the very first time, I must say if you are trying to get habits to occur balance life. So you should control the breakfast with essential calories. Both of it cannot control quickly. But some food item has that quality. French toast does not seem like an advance food. It looks like a candy food.

But you are wrong. French toast can manage these any issue of your body. It adds all of the calories in the middle level. Some foods we eat those are not tasty but healthy for our body. Why we suffer from eating non-taste foods as a breakfast. It helps to worry about the daily morning breakfast.

When the simple French recipe here now. That suffering is not allowed. Get ready to roll the food recipe world now. I cannot explain about the flavor of the simple French toast recipe. It has such a creamy and fresh taste. I order you to eat the French toast as your breakfast it supplies external energy for you.


Why always I said, it is good for breakfast. No, I do not impose a limit to eat the French toast recipe in you in the morning period. I know all of we like to hanging with our friends and family too. That time this little food item will give extra admire for your hand definitely so life is a test you should make answers for the pass that examination. Cooking is same as like an exam. Everyone can cook French toast. But you have to imitate my path. Let’s move it.


It will cook simple French toast recipe.


Remember this process not an advance one but you should get measured quantities for the batter of the French toast.


Get all of these ingredients 01 tbsp (vanilla, cinnamon, salt, butter, sugar, maple syrup)

    Grind all of these items after putting into the bowl.

Now you should get three eggs and break all of the eggs put into that bowl and again.

    Now the batter is ready to move your bread

Time to soak all of the pieces of bread with the mixture well.


Ok, your job is over now keep it into the oven 2 or 3 minutes.

After that processed bread seems like crispy now, you can add little bit honey to get their flavor well.