How to make cinnamon French toast without milk

How to make cinnamon French toast without milk

How to make cinnamon French toast without milk

In contemporary society, we spend such a busy life. As a mother, she sticks with her home works and office works. As a child she or he busy with their school works. Same as a father he is earning money in every per minute. So they have not the time to share their family ideas. I mean they cannot hold family conferences.

But there is a few period they can exchange their privacy with other family members. I do not know about lunch, but definitely, all of the family members get together in every breakfast time and dinner. Still, do you not share your ideas with your family time to ready in the morning and a night with getting breakfast and dinner.

With this busy schedule, many people try to get them foods in the markets. These days French toast becomes very famous. Office people, students, kids, and elders are interesting to taste French toast. Sellers get 1.5$ or little bit less price for one of the French toast.

My question is why we paid for this easy food this much. There are 15 minutes enough to cook French toast for four family members. So our money and time are saved by cook a toast. There is a more advantageous. You can cook, spend a few time with your kids and family and you can understand their foods appetite too.

As women, you must make only own your hand for your children, husbands, and others. One of ladies hand has an incredible power. It is such a different feeling flavor. But in this situation, we cannot try cook hardly. But we would have made breakfast or dinner in your hand. I call you to try for this cinnamon French toast.

There are different choices. Someone says I like to eat cinnamon French toast without milk. Now you can get a step to make French toast without milk.


Ready to make cinnamon French toast without milk

Make the mixer first, get two eggs and break it into the bowl, mix vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon limit of a half tablespoon. Mix it well. Mix it’s until dissolve all of the sugar.

Buy brown bread, one by one put into the mixer with little bit butter. Do not use very much butter. Always think about your healthy and after the flavor.

Now you can put in this decorated bread into the oven, but if you do not have an oven, there is one way to burn the bread. If you have any pan, you can cook these bread with your choice quickly. Remember the heat should have kept on the middle level.

Now your eyes forward have the final result do not wait quickly eat with hot.

What are the main benefits who do not use milk for the cinnamon French toast?

  • You can store the mixer of the toast in refrigerator long time(4 days)
  • Some milk is expired so you cannot use that milk with eggs.
  • There are different flavors in milk and egg so someone doesn’t like that bad smell, and it becomes allergic for some people.

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