French Toast Without Vanilla

French Toast Without Vanilla

French toast is famous around the world. Its taste has been its secret of many people enjoying French toast. The recipe for French toast has a created a large crowd for its delicious dish. This recipe can be taken as a tea snack, morning snack, or a dessert. This recipe has been changing since the past decades. French toast is cooked in countries like Spain, Germany, Hong Kong and the United States. Even the Chinese make it, but with a lot of butter, they fry it with butter and even serve with large cubes of butter. It is extremely famous in European countries. Americans loved to have it with syrup and sprinkled powdered sugar on top. This article will provide information about the origin of French toast, its evolution, and popularity of the society.

You will also learn the recipe of French toast without vanilla. Legends have found that the French toast was introduced by an innkeeper who was called Joseph French. So the toast got its name “French Toast.”

I tried French toast last Sunday. I made it for my two daughters. Kids love to have sweet stuff. I surprised them by making French toasts for tea. My second daughter hates vanilla, so I had to make a set of French toasts with vanilla and another set without vanilla.

I am going to teach you both the recipes so that you can try out one for the ones who love vanilla and the others who do not.

If you are going to make French toast with vanilla, you will need the ingredients such as bread, milk, eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon. If you are making the recipe from four bread slices, you will need the quantities as such-: one egg, one teaspoon of vanilla, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and quarter cup milk. I will now guide you through the steps-: First, beat the egg and mix the cinnamon and vanilla. Whisk them together. Next, add milk and stir until you get a smooth mixture. Next, take a slice of bread and dip both sides in the mixture. Meanwhile turn on a pan on fire, place the bread slices on the pan until both sides are cooked golden brown. That is an easy recipe, and it will only take 10 minutes to finish the recipe.  Serve it with your favorite topping.

That is what I gave to me elder daughter. My little girl wanted it without vanilla. Let me give you the recipe for French toast without vanilla.

This recipe can be made with any bread. Choose your favorite bread type. First get three eggs, two to three spoons of sugar, a pinch of salt, one tablespoon of cinnamon and your favorite topping. Have some olive oil to coat the pan. Cook it on low fire for best results. Crack the three eggs, add white sugar and cinnamon to a bowl. Now beat these ingredients together. Whisk them until it becomes a smooth mixture. Take the bread slices and have both sides dipped in the mixture. Twelve bread slices can be made from three eggs. You can take even some eggs if you like eggs. Next, Put the pan on fire and coat it with olive oil. When the oil is hot enough, keep the bread slices and cook both sides for nearly thirty seconds. Fry it until it’s gold in color. Serve it cool with your favorite topping.

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