French toast recipe

french toast recipe

French foods are very famous through of the people. There is a different taste. We cannot explain about the flavor of the French food.

As a human being, we all are love foods. We will follow many sentiments. Deferent foods have different flavors. We like to try these appreciations. Same as we prefer to get experience to eat all the countries foods taste.

French foods are attractive for foreigners and their countries too. That’s much there have well and several flavors in French recipe. Now time to know about something new recipe of French food. I hope my ideas will help you to introduce about a new recipe and you can get a fast meal after reading the gossips.

This a is about French toast recipe. Now you do not want to travel for looking flavor for the French toast. French toast is easy to cook at your home.

You can taste this recipe in any time of your busy life. If your mom does not stay at home, are you busy today at the office; still your teenager, cannot you cook anything, are you’re a little kid. So now do not wait for your mom. I guide you always to make this recipe. The main reason is anybody can cook this recipe alike as little kids because it is easy to make. There is no damage to children.

It helps to fulfill your stomach, and this meal is very healthy for your body. You can eat French toast as a break first, lunch, dinner or other short hungriness. You can make the French toast when you are hanging with friends or family too.

If you are a, weigh looser. So this recipe must follow it will help for decrease your weight with the supplement of good qualities of items.

French toast will give you many advantages within few minute. So why do not try to make this recipe? In this article, I can remove your hunger without anger. This food is the best for employers, mothers, grandparents, kids and everyone.

I recommended to you to make this simple food way for your beautiful life. Before going to the steps, I’d like to say there are no position, no more other external ingredients. Now ready to make the biggest chances of experience.

What ingredient do you want to make French Toast?

  • First, you have to buy two eggs
  • Get one cup of milk. You can use it for coconut milk, fresh milk or another one for your choice.
  • One tablespoon of honey. You can make sugar honey too.
  • One teaspoon of vanilla. It mixes little bit sugary for your toast.
  • One teaspoon of cinnamon. It is not essential but if you mix this ingredient. It is good for your healthy, and it will give delicious smell too.
  • Now you have to buy the necessary ingredient for your recipe. It is bread. You can buy brown bread or white bread as your choice.
  • Get some butter.


How can we make it

Mix all the ingredient put into the eggs (cinnamon, milk, little bit salt, vanilla). Mix it well after rubbing the eggs mix around the bread and keep it in the oven in average temperature. After getting the hot bread pour honey and now the time is eating for your best French toast